Sample Menu

Be sure to check out our individual dish pages as well because they include pictures and descriptions. We have many more choices than those you see here and ou can create your own custom menu as well.

Shiraz Beef

Braised Beef in Shiraz Black Molasses Sauce

French Green Beans with Sesame Seeds and Asian Spice

Cashew Salad with Spring Greens and Mango Cayenne dressing

Rice Pilaf

Sliced Mesquite Smoked Beef

Mesquite Smoked Beef

Indian Curry Spinach Salad

Four Cheese Stuffed Steak Potatoes


Delmonico is a stacked presentation and makes a beautiful plate.

Delmonico Beef Medallion

Mashed Potato Cake

Brown Sugar Rainbow Carrots

Garlic Butter Whiskey Asparagus

Sesame Seed Chicken

Ginger Teriyaki Chicken

Cashew Salad with Spring Greens with Mango Cayenne dressing

Jasmine Rice

Lemongrass Broccoli


Ultimate Strawberry Shortcake

Chocolate Kahlúa Cake

Belgian Waffles (Chocolate, Apple or Strawberry Toppings)

Bombshell Brownies


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