6 Degrees Dinner Event


Instead of dining out, why not host an Everything Spice Six Degrees Dinner Event?  Six Degrees Dinner Events are five-course formal plated dinners and include a free gift basket of wine.   Select from a menu or customize one to fit your palate.  The Everything Spice staff will take care of the details–everything from menu planning to the dishes.    There’s not an easier way to host a dinner!

Here’s the concept:

You invite two friends to your Six Degrees Dinner Event.  Once they RSVP, they will receive an email with instructions to invite two of THEIR friends to the event–these should be friends that you do not know.  This invitation process continues until your desired number of guests is reached.  The end result is a dinner where guests know at least one set of friends but at the same time have an opportunity to meet new people!!

Here’s how to make it work . .

First, make a reservation by purchasing an Everything Spice Six Degrees Dinner Event using the form below.

Next, invite two friends to your event using the Six Degrees Dinner Event RSVP page.   The dinner might be hosted in your home, boat or other unique location.  Your invited guests will receive an email and can RSVP using that email.  Guest price is $49.00 per person and also makes them eligible to host their own party for free a future time.

That’s it! Once your guests respond and purchase their RSVP they will receive an instruction email asking them to invite a set of friends to the dinner party.  They will be asked to invite friends that you do not know.  As the invitation process continues, hosts and guests will continue to receive emails about dinner event details.

An Everything Spice Six Degrees Dinner Event is very affordable, simple, safe, fun and delicious. We do all the work while you enjoy the company of your guests—old friends and new found ones, too.


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